Grade Control Modeling Services

Prime Vision enables models to be created with speed and simplicity based on a wide variety of data sources including PDF and CAD. Machine and Grade Control models can be created for all major equipment makes, models, and technology manufactures.

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Grade Control Modeling Solutions

Building a Grade Control model is one of the first steps after a new construction contract has been won. The Grade Control model forms the baseline to track progress against, it is used by GPS machine control systems to cut grade and is used by grade checkers to make sure construction is completed per specification.

Modeling applies to both the physical representation of the finished project and tracking the construction processes and progress of how to get there. Whether optimizing areas of cut and fill, planning hauls, refining the construction process or creating the surface model your GPS machine control system requires. Prime Vision has a modeling solution for you.


What you see is what you build. With a variety of tools to get beyond finish grade, Gradework models how you actually build a project with visual feedback that confirms what your machine control system is going to do. Optimized, visual tools make it the simplest, easiest to learn system for implementing your GPS machine control system.


Building a grade control model starts with obtaining data from the engineer’s design. Designs are generally built to finished grade and are not designed based on how the project will be constructed. Whether the data comes in CAD or PDF form, and from a private engineering company or a Department of Transportation (DOT), AGTEK solutions merge all available data sources to build constructible models that can be easily visualized ensuring there are no errors in the 3D model.

AGTEK’s modelling solutions create models to finished grade or sub grade by applying sectional depths to understand the true amount of dirt that needs to be moved. Value engineering tools uncover opportunities at the outset of a project and during construction to ensure dirt is moved in the most efficient manner. Haul planning tools help users understand the most efficient way to complete a project and the time and the amount of equipment required.


AGTEK’s Modelling solutions generate data for a wide variety of equipment types including Dozers, Graders, Scrapers, Excavators, Curb and Gutter pavers and many more.

The simple intuitive workflows streamline the model creation process required for each equipment type. AGTEK outputs data in a wide variety of formats allowing models to be built for all major machine and technology brands. If you are running a mixed fleet of equipment AGTEK solutions provides a single solution for all your model creation needs.


Once dirt has started to move, progress can easily be measured based on the takeoff or grade control model. As-built progress data collected in machine control systems, by grade checkers or by drones can be brought back to AGTEK software for fast and accurate progress calculations. Updated cut-fill volumes are distributed to the project teams, the data can be exported to 3rd party systems and mobile apps are updated with the latest data for those in the field to make better decisions.

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